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Registered Valuer Valuations (RV)
under the Companies Act, 2013


Merchant Banker Valuations under
Income Tax Act, 1961/ FEMA/RBI


Business Valuation / Enterprise Valuation


Financial Modelling


Valuation of ESOP’s and Sweat Equity

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Welcome to ValuationXpert

Our team has extensive valuation experience in various asset classes like Equity, Intangible, Option valuation. Our specialized experience in providing such valuation services to both our clients in India and global in a wide range of industries.

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We assist client in valuing their enterprise with the understanding of the requirements of stakeholders involved by providing independent Valuation.
  • Provides independent, business valuation and advisory services.
  • xpertise in understanding of client needs and deep understanding of financial numbers
  • One stop solution of all kinds of valuations
“Knowing what business is worth and what determines its value is pre-requisite for intelligent decision making.” -Warren Buffet